Hotel Grand

Hotel Grand

Total useful area of the hotel:

- Basement 5.822 m2 ( bowling room, night bar, laundry, heating room...)

- Ground floor5.189 m2 (national restaurant, pastry, swimming pool, sauna, restaurants, bar with open terrace, congress hall, seminar rooms etc, kitchen..)

- Mezzanine 762 m2 (hotel administration)

- Gallery 60 m2 (translation cabin and ancillary contents)

- Tract A (floors 1,2,3,4)3.320 m2

- Tract B (floors 1,2,3)3.006 m2

(202 double rooms and 8 suites are located on the floors. 425 beds)

- Construction of the facility was completed in 1984

- Solar installation (operative and in use)

- Own technical water

Note: interior of the hotel can be viewed via internet page

Total area of 18.159 m2

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Kolašin, Crna Gora
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Podgorica, Crna Gora
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