Market Center

Market Center

-Location is of the area of cc 18.000 m2

-Detailed Urban Plan envisages construction of the facility and the number of floors to be agreed on with the investor up to P+21

-Occupancy coefficient 0,50

-Construction degree 4,20

-Gross developed area of the facility above the ground cc 80.000 m2

-Gross developed area of the facility under the ground cc 16.000 m2

-Gross area of the existing facility cc 12.000 m2

-Purpose of the facility – hotels, commercial, residential, medical, administrative etc.

- A well set in order along with the well-spring of the capacity of 2000 litres/min exists on the location.


- Agreement was achieved with the Municipality – that based on the above specified parameters the future investor would prepare Conceptual Design and that Urban Technical conditions for the design would be issued based on that Conceptual Design.

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