Land of the total area of 2.627 m2, entered in the Real Estate List no. 427 Cadastre Municipality Cetinje I (Stara Lokanda – Cetinje), on the cadastre plot no. 3701 of the area of 1.392 m2, and on the cadastre plot no. 3702 of the area of 1.235 m2.

On the cadastre plot no. 3701, i.e. on the part of the urban plot 10 in the block no. 24a, in the range of u Detailed Urban Plan - Urban Plan "Historical core of Cetinje" the plan envisages construction of the facility of hotel type „Lokanda“ S+P+2+M, of the constructed net area of 2.680 m2, in the volume and looks of the facility as before its destruction in the earthquake that happened in 1979, where this facility has the treatment of protected monument of culture.

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